They’re all Ears

Due to the anatomical structure of canine and feline ear canals, there’s a good chance that they may experience an infection at some stage. Some breeds are more prone to ear infections and many owners are often unaware that there’s a problem until the condition is quite advanced. Are you checking your pet’s ears often enough?

Veterinary nurse at Swan St Veterinary Clinic, Nicole Lewy, says that ear infections are one of the most common problems diagnosed in small animal practice. ‘Human ear canals are relatively short and straight. On the other hand, dogs and cats have a longer, almost L-shaped canal, which limits air flow and creates a moist environment – perfect for bacteria and yeast to grow. And it’s generally worse in floppy-eared breeds or animals with hairy ear canals. Pets with skin allergies are also prone to ear infections.’  … Read more

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