Pet Care Plans

Our Cat & Dog Pet Care Plans

A Swan Street Vet Pet Care Plan gives peace of mind by providing the best preventative medicine for your loved one in a simple and affordable plan.

Each plan is designed to provide only what you need, giving you reassurance you’re doing the right thing for your pet’s health, in affordable monthly payments and with the convenience of free home delivery for your flea and worming preventatives.


One pet care plan


One easy monthly payment


Optimal health care


Home delivery flea & worming


Member discounts

What’s Included

Annual vaccinations
Heartworm protection
Intestinal worm protection
Flea protection
Microchipping (if required)
Veterinary health check Yearly Twice yearly
Annual dental check
Behaviour review and advice
Diet and exercise review and advice
Yearly urine test
Yearly blood test
Yearly blood pressure
Unlimited nurse checks
Unlimited nurse dental checks
Unlimited nail trims (pedicure)
Unlimited anal gland check (nurse)
Grooming discount 10% 10%
Puppy preschool discount 20%
Kitty Condo (cat play; 2 complementary off peak nights)
De-sexing discount 20%
Dental scale, polish & x-ray discount* 20% 20%
Premium pet food discount 10% 10%
Discount treats, toys & oral care items 10% 10%

*Excludes oral surgery.


Choose the plan that is right for you and your pet. As our pets get older their needs change. Therefore we have different pet care plans for different ages. A one-off joining fee of $40 is applicable to all plans.


$39 Dog Plan

Essentials – Up to 10kg

$59 Dog Plan

Essentials – >50kg

$49 Dog Plan

Essentials – >10kg to 50kg

$33 Cat Plan

Essentials – All sizes


$49 Dog Plan

Complete – Up to 10kg

$69 Dog Plan

Complete – >50kg

$59 Dog Plan

Complete – >10kg to 50kg

$33 Cat Plan

Complete – All sizes

Preventatives Included


Annual Vaccination

C5 – Canine distemper, Parvovirus, Canine hepatitis & Kennel cough.

Parasitic Preventatives

SR12 – Heartworm (Annually), Advantage – Fleas (Monthly), Milbemax – Intestinal worms (Quarterly).


Annual Vaccination

F3 – Feline herpes virus, Feline calici virus, Feline panleucopaenia.
FIV – Feline Immunodeficiency virus.

Parasitic Preventatives

Advocate – fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms (monthly).

*Preventatives included subject to change without notice.

Be proactive about your pet’s healthcare. Start today & see the positive benefits!

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