The first time we meet most of our new patients is in a consultation at their first vaccination visit. We provide consultations for a huge range of problems including injuries and illnesses, routine health checks, vaccinations, seniors care, behaviour problems and much more. Anything that bothers you or your pet and affects their quality of life – there is no problem too big or too small for us to handle. We will go that extra mile for you and your best friend!

Regular Health checks

Many of the consultations we do are for unexpected problems (accidents & illnesses) that our pets present with. Regular health checks and preventative health care is a vital way of maintaining good health in our pets throughout their lives, especially as they age.

From the first time we meet your pet, we will carefully tailor a health care program to suit your pet’s age, breed and particular individual needs. Most importantly this is done in consultation with you, taking into consideration your needs and wants as well. Pets, like us, have a higher incidence of certain illnesses at certain ages. As your pet becomes older we will concentrate on different health issues with a strong emphasis on preventative health care.

When your pet is due for a health check, we will remind you. As your pet gets older we may suggest 6 monthly health checks to keep a closer watch on them as they age. For pets with other diseases such as underling cardiac or kidney issues, we may suggest 3 monthly or more regular checks.

Early disease detection is the best way of managing your pet’s health as he/she ages & early intervention can enable your ageing pet to live a long & healthy life – most importantly with the quality of life that we desire for them. As part of this early disease detection philosophy we may suggest performing screening blood & urine tests to look for problems before they become serious and impact your pet’s health. Again this is tailored to your pets needs and is discussed carefully with you.

We do ask you to watch out for subtle changes in your pet’s behaviour as they age. These changes can provide valuable clues. For example an older cat drinking more may have early kidney disease or a hyperactive thyroid problem. Difficulty rising or a reluctance to jump may be signs of arthritis in your older dog! Watch out for these changes & let us know sooner rather than later!

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