Meet the Team

Dr Melanie Hill

BVSc, Lead Veterinarian & Founding Director

Dr Melanie possesses surgical flair, clinical acumen and impeccable bedside manner—all in one neat, super-friendly veterinarian-shaped-package. Dr Melanie always has patient comfort at the forefront of her mind, being a strong advocate for low-stress patient handling (she also happens to be our resident cat whisperer).

Here at the clinic, we know her best for her paranormal degree of common-sense, and supernatural ability to empathise with both her patients and their owners. In no particular order, Dr Melanie’s greatest loves are: ophthalmology, her cheeky, deaf cat Coconut, animal behaviour, and anything to do with Labrador Retrievers. Dr Melanie is the person to whom most credit is due, for Swan Street Vet’s reputation as a clinic that consistently delivers gold-standard care.

Dr James Blaszak 

BVSc, DipLeadMgt, Lead Veterinarian

We are beyond excited that Dr James has joined the team at Swan Street Vet! He comes with over 20 years experience in the industry. After graduating from The University of Melbourne (alongside our own Dr Melanie) he has worked in a number of clinics in both Australia and the UK. His career highlights include 5 years at Lort Smith Animal Hospital (Australians largest not-for-profit animal hospital) and 10 years as the Vet Director in a large clinic in Williamstown. He is passionate about developing strong relationships with his clients and their pets and providing the highest quality of personalised pet care.

He is both a dog and cat lover but has a bit of a soft spot for Golden Retrievers and Burmese! He’s also an ex-local having previously lived in Richmond for many years. He’s also currently on the lookout for a new puppy or rescue dog after sadly having to say goodbye to his two dogs last year and his favourite clinic cat!

Dr Alice Redwood

BVSc, Veterinarian

Our Dr Alice holds a Gold Duke of Edinborough award, received a scholarship to live in Mexico for 2 months a year for 5 years researching sea turtles, worked in Portugal as a Veterinarian, lived in the 2008 Big Brother House, was a qualifier for the world half Iron-man championships, ran with the Olympic Torch Relay for the 2000 Olympics and has also surfed on the back of a whale shark! She keeps us all on our toes! She loves her job as a Vet because nothing is the same every day.

Dr Alice believes the secret to a healthy pet is people knowing their pets’ “normal” and seeking help from a veterinarian if there is deviation from this normal. When not at work, Dr Alice can be found jogging around the streets of Melbourne or hiking! She also loves spending time with her cheeky cat Cheddar.

Dr Vienne Ng

BVSc, Veterinarian

More info to come on the wonderful Vienne… Radeladian’s represent!

Dr Kim Lam

BVMS, Veterinarian

More info to come on our uber cool Kim!

Megan Jeffree

Practice Manager

Megan joined the team in June 2020 after relocating from South Australia ( Do I need to point out now that we’re being taken over by Adelaidian’s). She has a wealth of business management skills and previous experience as a veterinary nurse, making her perfectly placed to keep our clinic running at it’s best. 

She is passionate about empowering the team to ensure they continue to grow and provide each pet, and their parents, the highest standard of care possible. 

When not at work, Megan loves doting on her budgies Paul and Lenny, and exploring all the hidden treasures that Melbourne has to offer (by hidden treasures she means amazing food, coffee and wine!!!).

Chloe Hockey

Veterinary Nurse

After moving from Adelaide (Of course, all the good ones do!) in 2018, Chloe joined the team at Swan Street Vet to continue her passion as a Vet Nurse. She’s worked in emergency care for several years and can’t see herself doing anything else other than working with animals.
At home, Chloe has two cheeky ginger cats, Manny and Ralph, who absolutely adore each other. Chloe adopted Ralph from her previous workplace, AdelaideVet, after only working there for 2 months. He was found at 6 weeks of age by a morning jogger!

In her spare time, Chloe enjoys baking cakes for the team and has a new passion for running.

Kathryn Gay

Veterinary Nurse

Kathryn, also known as Kat, is our newest team member who is already part of the family! She has been nursing since 2015 and had previously worked in a country vet, so has a lot of experience with wildlife. Kat most enjoys spending her time monitoring anaesthetics in our theatre procedures, but she also has amazing customer service so can often be seen at reception.

Kat’s family has a very excitable German Short-Haired Pointer called Dyson who loves a good cuddle. He gained his household vacuum cleaner name by having a tendency to inhale any food in sight!

Kat enjoys hiking at Lerderderg State Park and Werribee Gorge in her spare time, or catching up with friends on the weekends.

Hayley Gammage

Client Relations Manager

With an extensive background working in Doggy Daycare, as well as a Diploma in Animal Technology, Hayley is well prepared to receive puppy kisses that come with welcoming furry patients to Swan Street Vet and Wellness Centre. Hayley’s friendly face will greet you and your pet at reception, she always has treats ready to make even the most nervous pets feel at ease. And it’s not just patients that Hayley is here to help; as our Client Relations Manager it is her job to keep fur kid’s mums and dads in the loop, ensuring every pet’s stay with us runs smoothly from admission to home time.

At home Hayley has a very stubborn (and spoilt) 3 year old Beagle X Pug, named Jack. She loves spending time watching State of Origin with her partner Dave and after moving to Melbourne 10 years ago is still enjoying our great coffee!

Camilla Levy

Client relations / Veterinary nurse

Camilla is another one of our lovely Client Relations Assistants, who has recently started her certificate in Veterinary Nursing which is very exciting! She’s loved animals for as long as she can remember and often spends her time relaxing at the beach in Point Lonsdale.

She’s volunteered in Africa for 6 months as a teacher and she ventures through Europe yearly with her family. It’s safe to say she’s got the travel bug!

At home, Camilla enjoys her time with her tortoiseshell kitty Heidi, her cheeky Labrador Tinka, her new and adorable puppy Maggie and, we can’t forget, Doug the Budgie!

Josie Inches

Client relations

 More info to come on our friendly little pocket rocket. We can tell you with confidence that she is not from Adelaide!

Rin Shanmugam

Client Relations

Camilla Souza


Camilla arrived in Australia from Brazil in 2012 with 2 bags and no job! Camilla was a qualified Biologist but decided that a new career was in order and since she was a “dog person” she thought that she would pursue her passion and trained as a Dog Groomer. We at Swan Street Vet feel very lucky to have Camilla looking after our client’s pets, giving them “the look” they’re after!

Camilla loves the Australian lifestyle. In her spare time you’ll find her at the beach in Summer, dancing and singing (not necessarily at the beach!). If she were an animal, Camilla would be a Bulldog and if she wasn’t a dog groomer, considers she would be a very sad person! She believes the secret to a happy pet is meeting Camilla at Swan Street Veterinary & Wellness Centre – she’d love to see you soon.

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