Ophthalmology involves diagnosis and treatment of any disorders or ailments of the eye.

With use of diagnostic equipment, we are able to investigate and monitor the status of your pet’s eye health. Unlike most other parts of the body, eyes do not repair well without medical intervention, making it very important to watch for any abnormalities.

We pride ourselves off of our ophthalmology resources and knowledge, as we can deliver the peace of mind that your pet is in the right hands.

How do I know if my pet’s eyes need to be checked?

Watch out for:

  • redness or swelling of the eye
  • discharge leaking down from the corner of the eye
  • eyes seem irritated, pet is scratching at them
  • difference in pupil sizes
  • discolourations or bumps across the eyeball surface

If you have any concerns surrounding the eye health of your pet, do not hesitate to call our Richmond clinic to obtain advice on the next best step.

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