Important Update for Cat Parents: Feline Vaccine Shortage

Due to supply chain issues after COVID, there’s a shortage of feline vaccines in Australia, which is expected to continue until early 2024.

How we are planning for the vaccine shortage:

We’re working tirelessly to secure more core vaccine doses, but the shortage remains. To make the most of the limited supply, we’re consulting with feline experts and vaccine manufacturers to ensure we make the most of our limited supplies.

High-risk cats:

Our focus will be ensuring that previously unvaccinated kittens and adult cats deemed to be at higher risk are prioritised.

Annual health check for your cat:

We urge all cat owners to schedule their cat’s annual and semi-annual health check as usual to determine what approach we should be taking for your cat, as well as making sure we identify any health conditions or health concerns that may be present.

Don’t delay health checks:

Cats can hide illness well, so don’t delay this crucial connection with your cat’s health experts.

Questions or concerns?:

If you have questions or concerns about this vaccination shortage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff to discuss your cat’s requirements.