Pet Wellness Series

Welcome to our Pet Wellness Series! Our in-house veterinarian, Dr. Melanie Hill, and her team have created an educational series of guided videos to help pet owners navigate some common care practices to ensure their pet remains in optimal health.

Covering our most frequently asked questions, this series covers a range of topics including:


  • How to apply a spot-on flea prevention

  • How to give your cat a mani-pedi

  • How to treat your cat for hairballs

  • How to give your diabetic pet an injection

  • How to clean your dog’s ears

  • How to trim your dog’s nails

  • How to brush your pet’s teeth

  • How to collect wee from your cat
  • How to apply eye medications
  • How to medicate your pet rabbit
  • How to collect wee from your dog
  • How to instill ear medications

Thank you for watching, we hope you found this series helpful.

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