Swan Street Vet offers kitty condos – a deluxe specialised enclosure or housing unit designed to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment for cats during their visit to the vet. These condos are typically found in cat-only areas or cat-friendly sections of the clinic and serve multiple purposes. Here’s an overview of a kitty condo at a vet:

  • Temporary housing: A kitty condo at a vet clinic serves as a temporary housing unit for cats before or after their examination or procedure. It offers a safe and secure space where cats can relax, rest, and feel more at ease during their stay at the clinic. However, we recommend that the cats don not spend more than 7 days since the accommodation is only for temporary housing. If you would like to enquire about long-term housing, please get in touch with us.
  • Comfort and privacy: The condo provides a cosy and private area for cats, equipped with a bed to ensure their comfort, as well as delicious meals. The enclosure has separate levels to allow cats to retreat, hide, or perch according to their preferences. The condo also provides a separate bathroom box for your cat’s privacy.
  • Stress reduction: The design of a kitty condo aims to minimise stress and anxiety in cats. The enclosure is located in a quiet area away from loud noises and other potentially distressing stimuli.
  • Observation and monitoring: Our kitty condos are designed with a transparent wall, allowing our veterinary staff to observe the cats easily. This enables veterinarians and technicians to monitor the cats’ behaviour, assess their well-being, and provide any necessary care or treatment while they are in the condo.

The presence of kitty condos at Swan Street Vet promotes the well-being and welfare of your feline babies. It recognises the unique needs of cats and provides a dedicated space that helps reduce stress and improve their overall experience during veterinary visits. By offering a comfortable and secure environment, kitty condos contribute to creating a more cat-friendly and compassionate veterinary practice.

To reserve a spot for your cat in our comfortable kitty condos, please contact Swan Street Vet today at (03) 9111 0000. Our team will be happy to assist you in scheduling a booking and ensuring your cat’s stay is pleasant and stress-free.