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Because life doesn’t always go to plan –
no matter how hard you try

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your fur-baby – complete with routine vaccinations, health checks and parasite prevention – is the first and most important step you can take to minimise problems. However, pet insurance will help cover your fur-baby for those unexpected illnesses and accidents. Just like private health insurance for people, pet insurance can help cover the cost of treatment should the need arise. Yes, we know that this is the boring part of owning a pet, but at least you won’t be forced to make any regrettable decisions, including life-changing ones, because of financial reasons.

We are part of a select group of clinics who can offer new pet owners (puppies and kittens under a year old) four weeks of free, no-obligation pet insurance underwritten by the world’s No.1 pet insurance provider, Petplan. Your fur baby will also receive immediate cover,* instead of having to serve the usual 21-day waiting period. Ask one of our veterinarians or vet nurses for more information or visit

*Cover for injury/accident starts immediately; cover for illness starts 72 hours after free insurance is activated

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