Pet Wellness


We believe in being proactive about your pet’s health.

Pets can develop problems long before their owners notice any symptoms or changes in behaviour. Sure, bring your pet to see us when they’re obviously unwell but, just as importantly, drop by with them for regular check-ups in the meantime.

And while Dr Doolittle might be able to talk to the animals about their health concerns, for the rest of us ordinary mortals, we’ve developed LifeCare – a comprehensive pet wellness and preventative care program.

LifeCare starts when your new furry family member is still a baby. During a comprehensive 40-minute consultation, we’ll discuss general pet care advice, alert you to potential breed-specific issues and recommend ways to manage any that occur. And we always encourage owners to ask questions. After all, keeping our clients informed increases the chances of early diagnosis and early treatment, thereby maximising positive outcomes for our pets.

The end result: pets that are healthy and happy for as long as possible.

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