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Swan Street Vet: A New Standard for Veterinary Service in Richmond

Why Richmond Pet Owners Trust Us:

  • An experienced team of veterinary physicians/surgeons and nurses housed in a state-of-the-art, purpose-built veterinary and wellness centre
  • Progressive, community-minded and an accredited Hospital of Excellence by the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association
  • Committed to providing world-class veterinary care and customer service, with a strong emphasis on healthy lifestyles and preventative medicine
  • Fun, friendly and highly unlikely to bite
  • And because we’re independently owned, we don’t answer to a board of directors or shareholders. We answer to you.
  • If you’ve been here before, that’s okay too. We’re always happy to see you.
  • Take a look around. And if you like what you see, do drop in and say hello

We promise to:

  • Provide best-practice, world-class care for your pet, with a strong focus on wellness and preventative medicine
  • Be serious when we need to be (and fun at all other times)
  • Not brush off any concerns you have about your pet (after all, you know them best)
  • Not tell you how to cut corners with your pet’s health
  • Keep up to date with the latest in veterinary medicine and surgery
  • Give your pet a treat every time they visit the clinic
  • Get to know you and your pet on a first-name basis

A Reputation for Excellent Vet Care in Richmond

The team at Swan Street Vet are absolutely amazing. They’re friendly and highly competent. They take the time to listen and communicate everything very clearly. They always greet you with a smile and a warm welcome. I feel very lucky to be able to have them take care of my two cats. Highly recommended. Now only if human health care professionals were so awesome! 🤔
Eugene – Google Review

Friendliest and most profession team of nurses and vets. Very glad to have found this practice with our little sick shpynx. Trust them completely and know we’re always in great hands. Friendly and helpful with anything large and small. Highly recommend this team.
Janine – Google Review

Staff are always so friendly and helpful. I showed up without an appointment after my dog had suddenly couldn’t walk on her back leg at the park and they were so calm and supportive and were able to see my dog as soon as possible. I’m sure appointments are preferred but I was so impressed (and grateful) that they were able to see us so quickly!
Michelle – Google Review


Fantastic vets who consistently treat our dogs like their own.
Allan – Google Review

Wonderful staff and my cat is very happy here!
Jason – Google Review

Amazing care and service!!
Sarah – Google Review

Great friendly staff
Paul – Google Review

Simply the best place to (a) have the freedom to practise the best medicine you can, with the most dedicated colleagues and clients and (b) bring your pets!
Kim – Facebook Review

My dog loves going to the vet so much I literally have to drag him out of there. It really speaks volumes about the staff here.
Anna – Google Review

Veterinary Services for Richmond Pet Owners

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