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Dr Vienne

BSc ( VetBioSci), DVM

Dr Vienne, more commonly known as ‘Dr. V’, studied Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Adelaide. Shortly after she graduated vet school, she moved to Melbourne to join the Swan Street Vet team in early 2021.

Vienne is passionate about general practice in small animals, dentistry and animal behaviour. She wishes to develop her ability in making patients feel safe, happy and comfortable at the vets. She loves giving out treats to every animal that comes into the clinic. She can speak both Cantonese and English professionally.

Her little ‘fur baby’ (who actually is furless) has one eye and only four teeth, and is named Sochi. She is a Peterbald cat that Dr. V rescued through an adoption agency. She spends her spare time taking videos of Sochi and showing her off to everyone at work.

Vienne also enjoys exploring Melbourne for food (she is a massive foodie!) and coffee, and she loves collecting her indoor plants – she thinks she has about 70-80 plants in her 1 bedroom apartment!