Odin is a handsome Birman kitty who visited Swan Street Vet after he had been vomiting for a few days. On questioning the owners we found that Odin enjoys eating unusual objects like clothing, cushions and toys! Remember we are talking about a cat here, not a Labrador!

On physical examination he was found to have a very sore abdomen and his intestines were bunched together. Poor Odin had eaten something he shouldn’t have and this was causing a blockage in his intestines. This is known as a foreign body, causing a gastrointestinal obstruction.

Odin was placed on a drip and given pain relief before undergoing emergency surgery. It was found that he had eaten two lengths of wool, totaling one meter! Why? We suspect he wanted to knit himself a scarf.

During his surgery his whole abdomen was thoroughly examined. Both his stomach and intestines needed to be opened to remove the wool and allow his intestines to relax. Once the surgery was complete Odin’s recovery was continually monitored by the vets and nurses, ensuring he was comfortable. He recovered very well from his surgery and was able to go home the following day. He was a very lucky boy!

There are many different reasons why dogs and cats can vomit. A few causes include dietary intolerances, infections, parasites, foreign objects causing obstruction, as well as liver and kidney problems. In Odin’s case he was vomiting because he had eaten wool that was causing an obstruction in his intestines.

Other signs that could indicate a problem include, reduced appetite, weakness, diarrhoea, weight loss, or your pet generally not being themselves.

If you notice any of these signs please seek veterinarian attention immediately.

Odin is doing very well at home and has recovered completely!

It’s probably best not to let your cat play with wool or string after all!