Winter is here! Cold, wet and windy…

As we all know it can be a real struggle to get on with day to day life. It’s a much easier option to stay indoors in front of the heater on a cold winters day. If you do manage to get out its normally with multiple layers on.

Our Fur-babies feel the cold just like we do! It’s important to know how to keep them comfortable and warm during the colder months.

There are several ways to keep them warm while at home but what about when it’s time for their daily exercise or that quick trip down to the shops?

A jacket or coat is a great idea for any outside time. Especially for our Fur-babies with short hair or a slim body (like whippets, greyhounds or bulldogs just to name a few).

Some people even dress their pooches for fashion purposes (as well as warmth). And why not! It’s becoming a very common site to see Fur-babies out and about with their coats on, like one of our patients below, Reuben the whippet, who is co-ordinating coat and bandage!

So please make sure that your fur kid is “rocking” his or her own coat this Winter – it’ll ensure even more sloppy kisses for you!

Partnering with Verve Portraits, the Swan Street Vet clinic are giving away an amazing photographic experience for you and your special pet, valued at $1995.

Simply snap your stylish little or big fur-friend wearing their most fashionable winter woollies and upload this image to Instagram or Facebook.

Runner up will win an awesome jacket from Fuzzyard for this Pet Fashion Week which runs from August 27th to September 2nd. We know lots of your Fur-kids love dressing up!

We would love to see all their fashion-forward statements (as well as faux pas!) Head to our Facebook page for more information.

Good luck to all our fashionable friends x